Tubing in Missouri

Floating inner tubes

Tubers storm the Meramec River

A timeless Missouri River favorite, tubing the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec Rivers, allows you to escape everyday life while enjoying the perfect outdoor excursion.  We offer a 4 mile trip starting on the Huzzah and ending conveniently at your car parked at Ozark Outdoors.

Dip your toes and kick up some fun. There’s nothing more relaxing than tubing. Wash the stress away as you float gently down the river.

Plus, we offer a 1 1/2 mile Tube Loop float trip alongside our campground on the Meramec. One low price per person gets an all day pass for you and your family and friends! Take a two hour break, then start all over, or just loop one right after the other. However, you do it, Ozark Outdoors Tube Loop is instant fun — when you add water!

Splash the Day Away!

Meramec River Float Trip Times and Put In Locations

Courtois Stream Float Trip Times and Put In Locations

Huzzah Creek Float Trip Times and Put In LocationsTubing on the Meramec River

Group Leader Discount: Organize a group of 20 or more adults, make a single reservation, and pay in one payment — then your part is free.

Innertube Rental Rates

$25.00  One Day Trip
$19.00  Tube Loop Weekend
$17.00 Tube Loop Weekday
$12.00  Tube Loop Shuttle (personal tube)
$20.00 Shuttle (4+ Mile: personal tube)
$25.00 Cooler Tube, One Day Trip

**Applicable sales tax not included above.
**Make sure you review all Float Trip policies before confirming your reservation with payment. 
Know before you go floating!