How to Avoid the Crowds If You Prefer a Quieter Experience

Are you a natural introvert, or an extrovert who needs a little peace? Then avoiding the crowds for your outdoor experience is important to you. But how do you know when to time your visit so you increase the odds of getting what you want?

Here’s our Top Five recommendations for the best time to come to avoid the throng at Ozark Outdoors:

Missouri rivers in Autumn

The Courtois Dressed in Fall Color

5. A little known fact is that March and April typically bring great water on the smaller creeks upstream from Ozark Outdoors. Few take advantage of the opportunity to float stretches otherwise not navigable during hotter, drier months. The spring-fed upper Courtois and Huzzah offer a beautiful change of pace. Take advantage of our 9:00am and 11:00am departures, (plan to arrive thirty minutes in advance to allow plenty of time for check in). Canoes and kayaks only, unless high water exceptions are made by management.

4. Early departures for longer trips, and later departure for our shortest trips, enable you to float ahead or behind the crowds. Most folks choose to get on the water between 10:00am and 11:00am, but if you leave at 8:00am or 9:00am, you can beat the majority of floaters who sleep in. If you want a half day escape, or prefer to relax into your plans, a later start might be the right choice for you. Our four and five mile trips, beginning upstream and ending at Ozark Outdoors, can start as late as 3:00pm in the afternoon. (Have your group here and ready for check in at least thirty minutes prior to desired departure time.)

3. Indian summer offers the perfect climate to view vivid hues of red, yellow, green, and orange, on an autumn float trip. Warm days and cool nights refresh the human spirit, and at Ozark Outdoors, there are typically few guests, so you feel like you have the run of our 110 acre resort mid-September through October. Come back and build a crackling campfire, where you and your friends can relax and revive.

Avoid the Crowds on the Meramec River

The Downstream Meramec is Ideal for a Quieter Experience

2. Our five mile trip, starting at Ozark Outdoors, and ending at Campbell Bridge is less frequented by other guests. Reserved on Saturdays for those who drink little or no alcohol, this downstream Meramec River float is one of our best family float trips with children, scout groups, church functions, reunions, and more. Play on the island by our famous Hinch Rock bluff, have a picnic, and enjoy the verdant shades of green. Rafts, canoes, and kayaks can paddle this gorgeous stretch — tubes are optional when floating with boats. Trips leave on the hour and half hour, but arrive thirty minutes in advance to ensure you have time for check in.

1. Sunday is one of the most overlooked opportunities to enjoy the river for a quieter experience. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we even allow the celebrating parent to float free, as long as they are spending the day on the river with their children. Monday through Thursday float trips are equally great times to avoid the crowds if you prefer a quieter experience on Missouri waters. If you and your small group are looking for a peaceful day paddling on one or more of our three fantastic rivers, then the odds are in your favor if you choose a Sunday through Thursday for your summer escape.

Make sure you know our Floating Policies before you leave home.

**Regardless of trip choice or time, advance reservations allow us to get your boats and crew ready prior to your arrival. Help us serve you better by calling a River Fun Guide at 573-245-6837 to get you on your way to floating fun!

If you prefer a crowd pleasing experience, we have the trip for you!