Boats For Sale in Missouri

If you would like to submit an interest form simply click the ‘New & Used Boat Sales’ button to the right and fill out the form; as soon as we know what will be available one of our Used/New Boat Salesmen will contact you. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Sales are available during our off peak season, October – April.

For details, prices, and more on the boats we have for sale please see below! 

Riviera Solo Kayak (10 – AVAILABLE)
By Jackson
Aluminum Canoe by Osagian for sale near St. Louis

Length:              11’ 4”
Width:               30”
Weight:              46 lbs
Capacity:            300-350 lbs.

Features: Easy Carry Handles, Molded-In Drink Holder, Drain Plug, Molded-In Bow and Stern Handles, Bunge Deck Rigging for Gear / Coolers, High-Back Seat / Terraced Foot Rest System, Polyethylene construction

Price:         $375
MSRP:       $475

Condition: Used. Some wear points on top and bottom of boat. Overly thin plastic in some areas.

Aluminum Canoe (3 – NEW AVAILABLE)
By Osagian

Aluminum Canoe by Osagian for sale near St. Louis

Length:               16’ 0”
Width:                35.5”
Weight:               79 lbs
Capacity:             650 lbs.

Features:All-Welded Aluminum, Single Keel Tracking, Square Stern Motor Mount, Bow Grab Handle for Easy Carrying

Price:  SQ STERN $1100 (1)    MSRP:     $1200
Price:  DOUBLE ENDER $1000 (1)  MSRP:   $1100

Condition: New boats! There are 2 square stern and one ‘double ended’ canoe available.

by OSAGIAN Lebanon, Mo

Ozark Outdoors Osagian Canoe for sale near St. Louis

Length:               16’ 0”
Width:                35.5”
Weight:               79 lbs
Capacity:             650 lbs.

Price:                  $375 (USED)

All-Welded Aluminum,  Single Keel Tracking, Bow Grab Handle for Easy Carrying

Condition: Burps and dents. Some weld spots. Older to new boats, still float good, no leaks, Boats are maintained regularly and serviced fully on an annual basis

by We-No-Nah Boat

Ozark Outdoors We-No-Nah Canoe for sale near St. Louis

Length:               16’ 9”
Width:                37.5”
Weight:               87 lbs
Capacity:             1000 lbs

Price:                  $849
MSRP:                 $949

Features: Black Vinyl Gunwales, Black Aluminum Thwarts and Handles,Hung Web Seats, Ash Yoke, Fun for All Ages, 3-Phase Rotomolded (TRP) Polyethylene Construction

Condition: New boats!


Ozark Outdoors Buffalo Canoe for sale

Length:               16’ 11”
Width:                38”
Weight:               85 lbs
Capacity:             1400 lbs

Features:  Royalex Composite, Plastic Formed Seats,Plastic Formed Seats, Flat Bottom, Fun for All Ages

Price:                  $450
MSRP:                 $950

Condition: Heavily used, some wear, fixed with fiberglass resin. Maintained annually. All float.

BY Old Town

Ozark Outdoors Discovery Canoe near St. Louis for sale

Length:               16’ 9”                            :
Width:                37”
Weight:               85 lbs
Capacity:            1,100 – 1,350 lbs

Features: Polyethylene Composite and Contoured Seats, Rotomolded Decks with Grab Handles, Ash Carrying Yoke and Thwarts, Vinyl Gunwales, Available in Yellow Green or Teal

Price:                  $350
MSRP:                 $650

Condition: Heavily used, some wear.  Patched.  Delaminated in some places and oil  canning. Maintained annually. All float.

HULA – One Seater (4 – AVAILABLE)
by Islander

Ozark Outdoors Hula Kayak one seat for sale

Length:               8’ 6.5”
Width:                26”

Features: Polyethylene, Composite,  Molded-In Seat and Foot Wells, Sit-on-Top Kayak,  Drain Plugs, Carrying Handles

Price:                  $225
MSRP:                 $650

Condition: Still in good condition! Used infrequently.

Spirit 4.7 Duo Tandem Kayak (5 – AVAILABLE)
By Dimension

Ozark Outdoors Spirit 4.7 Kayak for sale


Length:                15’ 6’’
Width:                3’
Capacity:            2 Persons

Features:  Dry compartment for storing valuables,  Wide stable bottom,  Handles on front and rear or carrying ease,  Cooler/drybag straps, Polyethylene construction

Condition: In good condition. Very reliable boats. Stable and novice friendly

Price:                   $650
MSRP:                 $850

Liberty (1 – AVAILABLE)

By Aqua Fusion


Length:                12’ 10’’
Width:                27.5’’
Weight:               54lbs

Features:     Carrying handles , Forward and aft deck rigging,  2 piece molded seat with drink holder, Rear hatch, Roto molded polyethylene construction

Price:                  $650

Condition: Used. Still in decent condition. All moving parts still work.

Breeze (1 – AVAILABLE)
By Aqua Fusion


Length:                10’ 10’’
Width:                27.5’’
Weight:               46lbs

Features :  Carrying handles,  Forward deck rigging,  2 piece molded seat with drink holder, Roto molded polyethylene construction

Price:                  $550
Condition: Excellent condition

Regal (5 –  AVAILABLE)
By Jackson Kayak


Length:                11’ 4’’
Width:                29’’
Weight:               52lbs
Capacity:             300lbs

Price:    $425-$475

Features: Built-in seat and adjustable foot holds, Tracks very well

Condition: Great condition. Some are new, having never been floated, and some are very lightly used. All are still in near excellent condition.

Kestrel 140 (1 – AVAILABLE)
By Current Designs


Length:                14’
Width:                26’’
Weight:               43lbs
Capacity:            350lbs

Features: Front and Rear Hatch,  Optional Rudder,  Spacious Cockpit, Shallow ‘V’ hull shape for better tracking, Performance Craft

Price:                   $875
MSRP:                  $950

Condition: Used, but in excellent condition! All moving parts still work seamlessly.

Discover XL (1 – AVAILABLE)
By Northwest Kayaks


Length:                17’ 11’’
Width:                22’’
Weight:               50lbs
Capacity:             400lbs

Features: Front and rear bulkheads, Compass mount, Fiberglass molded, Recessed paddle park systems, Bow and stern U-bolts, and ergonomic handles, Competition Craft

Price:                  $1095
MSRP:                 $2100

Condition: Slightly used boat. Still in great condition

DAY TRIPPER 12-ELITE Recreational Kayak (1 – AVAILABLE)
By Jackson Kayak

Ozark Outdoors Jackson Day Tripper Kayak for sale

Length:               12’
Width:                30”
Weight:               56 lbs
Capacity:             375 lbs

Features:   Super comfy adjustable seat back, Foot braces adjustable from your seat, legendary “Sweet Cheeks” bean bag seating, Large Jackson Rec branded dry bag, Off the floor cargo netting storage, ”Day Tray” for fishing, or simply just to hold your soda, Polyethylene construction

Price:                  $895
MSRP:                 $949
Great condition!