Missouri Float Trips on Beautiful Rivers

Whether summer, fall, winter or spring, Missouri is the perfect vacation spot for floating.

Courtois River Huzzah River Meramec River

Meramec River: What’s your pleasure? Full swimming holes invite you to take a cool dip on a hot day. If relaxing on a long float makes you happy, enjoy the scenic bluffs dotting the landscape along the Meramec Rivers edge. Don’t forget to look for the majestic eagles nesting along this stretch of water – they might surprise you with a royal appearance.

Huzzah River: This small river shouts big fun! Our four-mile trip is perfect for a shorter excursion. On weekdays, take off work early and get away to re-energize. On weekends, it’s a Sunday best.

Courtois River: This crystal clear water boasts winding river bends that make river bends that make their way into the Huzzah and Meramec. Your river trip conveniently ends at our resort beach.

Relax in a Raft ∙ Paddle in a Canoe ∙ Set your pace in a Kayak ∙ Sit back in a Tube

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