Floating Treetops Aerial Park

Floating Treetops Aerial Park… What is that? So, you’ve heard the news now you want to know– what is an aerial park, challenge or ropes course?

“A Challenge (or Ropes) Course is a series of mentally and/or physically challenging events traditionally built from cable, rope, and wood.  Elements can be low to the ground or placed at a height between trees and/or poles where some form of fall protection is provided (such as a roped belay or other support netting). Participants navigate or solve each event either individually or as a group, generally with the goal of building self-confidence and developing group cohesion.” (1)

The Floating Treetops Aerial Park focuses on improving Emotional and

Floating Treetops Aerial ParkPhysical Balance, Coordination, Height Fears, Mental Planning, and requires some Physical Strength (on higher levels). Throughout the course you are empowered to test your courage, push your limits, and overcome your fears in a supervised environment. “Courses allow individuals to improve their confidence in areas of problem-solving, self-efficacy, self-concept, trust, teamwork, and communication.”(2)

Our Aerial Adventure Park features multiple separate levels, unique elements, and ziplines. Are you looking for a new & exciting challenge? With three difficulty levels to choose from we’ve got something for everyone (beginners to experienced to advanced); the sky is the limit! 

Aerial Park Course Regulations & Rules

You must start on the Green Course, after you pass the Green Course you can go to the Blue Course, after you pass the Blue Course you can go to the Red Course, etc.

Green Course (Beginner)

Blue Course (Intermediate)

Red Course (Advanced)

Floating Treetops Aerial Park

Black Course (Advanced) coming soon

WITHOUT Advance Reservations
Adults 13 and up $39.00 plus tax
Youth 7-12 years $29.00 plus tax
WITH Advance Reservations (confirmed 7 days prior to arrival)
Adults 13 and up $34.00 plus tax
Youth 7-12 years $24.00 plus tax
Groups of 10 or more ONLY WITH Advance Reservations (confirmed 7 days prior to arrival)
Adults 13 and up $29.00 plus tax
Youth 7-12 years $19.00 plus tax

Who Will Enjoy:

  • Families, Friends
  • Youth Groups
  • Teenagers & Adults
  • Teams / Organizational Team Building
  • Co-Workers & Colleagues
  • Thrill/Adventure Seekers
  • Adrenalin Junkies

Floating Treetops Aerial ParkWhat We Provide:

  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Instruction
  • Trained Course Guides

What You Will Need to Bring:

  • Closed-toed/Closed-heel shoes
  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely

Aerial Course Regulations & Rules

  • No Children on course under 7
  • Must have a minimum vertical reach of 60″ when standing float footed
  • Must weigh no more than 280-lbs (including harness/PPE)
  • Participants under the age of 16 MUST have direct supervision of an Adult
  • On applicable course (where multiple routes of varying degrees of difficulty) participants under the age of 16 must first successfully complete at least 1 circuit of beginner courses before permitted to proceed to the indermediate/advanced course. Course managers may choose to further restrict access to Advanced/High Difficulty Routes.

*Management reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason



1) Challenge Design Innovations. “http://challengedesign.com/”
2) Attarian, Aram, Ph.D. “The Research and Literature on Challenge Courses: An Annotated Bibliography 2nd Edition.”