Meramec Mercantile at Ozark Outdoors

The Meramec Mercantile

Q: How do I make camping, floating, or lodging reservations at Ozark Outdoors?

A: Call an Ozark Outdoors River Fun Guide at 800-888-0023 and they will help you OR new for 2016 go to our Online Reservation System to check availability or book now (anytime). We suggest you read carefully, all the information on our website, about the services you are interested in. Your River Fun Guide will help you reserve floating, camping, lodging, or other fun activities while you enjoy our beautiful resort in Leasburg, Missouri.

Q: Can I pay when I get there?

A: Ozark Outdoors confirms all reservations with advance payment in full. Unpaid or partial paid reservations are tentative, & can be cancelled. Much like going to a ballgame or concert, this is how we determine how many spots are left, and that we don’t turn away people who want to have fun. Those committed to visiting our resort are happy to take care of this in advance, it’s one less thing to deal with at check-in.

Q: Do you take deposits?

A: At Ozark Outdoors, we do not accept partial payments.  This enables us to accurately monitor what you’ve paid for, and handle your camp, lodge, and float reservations efficiently. From time to time, we do work with our guests and allow them to pay for each service separately. i.e. They pay for lodging this week, camping next week, and floating the following. Only if scheduled arrival date is at least 60 days away. We do, however, hold a security/damage deposit on all lodging.

Q: What if I pay and can’t make it?

A: If you need to cancel your lodging reservation in part or in whole, for any reason, simply make sure you let us know at least fifteen days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Anything cancelled or reduced, 14 days or less from your arrival, will be non-refundable.

(Special events require a 31 day cancellation policy. Anything within 30 days in non-refundable).

Unless otherwise specified, all other reservations need to be cancelled at least eight days prior to your scheduled arrival date for most reservations. Anything cancelled or reduced, 7 days or less prior to your arrival, will be non-refundable.

 Q: When should I check-in for my reservations?

A: Check-in for lodging and camping begins at 3:00pm everyday and ends at close of business. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled floating departure time to check-in and finalize paperwork.

 Q: Where do I check-in?

A: As you enter the resort drive, a massive, rustic lodge comes into view. You can’t miss the signature green-metal roof, and gorgeous cedar siding, which signals your arrival at the Meramec Mercantile Store/office at Ozark Outdoors. Slide into a spot, conveniently arranged in our parking lot, directly in front of the Meramec Mercantile entrance. As you face the building, enter on your left, come inside, walk straight through, and allow one of our friendly River Fun Guides to help you through the check-in process. Before you know it, you’re set for fun and ready to play on Missouri’s rivers. (Most seasonal Friday nights we offer check-in at the gate, as long as you pre-register your vehicle(s), and everything matches upon arrival).

Q: Do you have a restaurant on property?

A: On weekends, Memorial through Labor Day, our Paddler’s Grill is open for Saturday/Sunday breakfast, and Friday/Saturday dinner. See Paddler’s Grill under Around the Resort heading, or download our electronic brochure, for more details.

Q: Are you open all year?

A: With plenty of advance notice, we can accommodate your group any time of the year. We try to escape and have fun ourselves on occasion, so from October through April each year, please make sure you reserve and confirm for camping, lodging, and floating at least two weeks before you want to arrive. We do float the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec Rivers when a guest arranges to do so. There’s nothing like snow-coated riverbanks, and icicle-laden river bluffs, to bust through winter blahs.

Q: Do you sell alcohol?

A: We do not sell alcohol of any kind at Ozark Outdoors, but you are welcome to bring it with you. Please remember to drink responsibly. Under no circumstances, should a guest ever drink and drive. Substance-altered guests may be ejected from our resort, so make sure you have someone who can drive you safely home. Otherwise, your escort may come with lights and sirens.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: You may bring your pet with you to Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort, as long as they are under your control at all times. Dogs should be on a leash while on property, but never tie them to a boat. You can bring pets with you if you are lodging, but there is a non-refundable pet fee, per pet.

Q: How far away is the river from your resort?

A: Our resort nestles along a mile and a half of the Meramec River. Many of our campsites offer either a river access or riverview. The river is approximately a quarter of a mile from our lodging units, so for most guests, this is easy walking distance.

Q: How much are your showers?

A: We have three convenient showerhouse/restroom facilities on property at Ozark Outdoors. Showers are fifty cents for approximately five minutes. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds for hot water to cycle through, if they haven’t been used for awhile, so be patient, that clean-fresh feeling is on the way.

Q: Can I get lost on the river?

A: Natural flow carries boats downstream, unless human power pushes them upstream against the current. Watch the ripples in the water to orient yourself, and paddle in the same direction as Mother-Nature. All of our trips have designated take-outs. Listen well to your River Fun Guide at check-in, your driver or beach-hand who sets you up to start the trip, and if you still don’t have confidence that you understand how to recognize the take-out, ASK.

There are many farms, homes, and roads that run parallel to our streams. A short walk through the woods in most directions will usually end at a place where you can get help if necessary.

Q: Will I get cell service at Ozark Outdoors?

A: In the past, cell service was virtually non-existent on and around our property. However, with recent advances, the quantity and quality of cell reception is improving, even on the Missouri rivers in our area. If you take your cell on the float trip for emergencies, make sure you seal it in a water-tight container. Remember, water-resistant is NOT the same as water-proof or water-tight.

Q: Do you sell fishing licenses?

A: We do not sell fishing licenses at Ozark Outdoors, but if you go online here Mo MDC you can purchase one before your arrival. We do sell fishing worms, and a limited amount of fishing tackle in our Meramec Mercantile Store.

 Q: What else is there to do in the area?

A: As a true Playcation destination, Ozark Outdoors is close to many area attractions. If you check out the heading on our Home Page, Around the Resort, there are many options listed. Crawford County, Missouri is a great place to visit, a fun place to play, and a better place to live. We’re proud of our community and thank you for treating it with respect.

Q: How do you help keep the environment clean?

A: We set up recycle bins in various areas around our resort property. Another way we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, is by scheduling top-of-the-hour bus trips, to floating put-in locations. By reducing numbers of trips, we are able to limit fuel emissions. We also support and partner with associations dedicated to keeping Missouri streams and rivers clean. Operation Clean-Stream is an annual event hosted at Ozark Outdoors. We do not sell Styrofoam coolers, Jello-shot cups, Mardi Gras beads, or any other known litter agent in our Mercantile Store.

Q: How do I find current prices?

A: Prices are posted on the pages related to the service you are interested in. Please be aware, however, prices are subject to change without notice.

Q: Do we allow generators?


Q: Can you put an RV or Pop-Up Camper on a primitive camping site?

A: Yes, however you will NOT have electric / water / sewer and we do NOT allow generators.

Q: If I reserve an Off Site Lodging Retreat is a shuttle provided to and from the resort?

A: Your shuttle to your float trip drop-off and from your float trip ending location IS Provided. However, for hanging out at the resort you must shuttle yourself to and from. (You do have resort access privileges for the beach areas, swimming pool, volleyball, horse-shoes, Paddler’s Grill restaurant, Drive-In Style movies and more)

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: We offer weekday Military, Senior, & Crawford Electric Cooperative discount of 10% OFF (you MUST provide ID)
A: Clean Stream discount weekdays 25% OFF (you MUST provide clean stream member card)
A: Group leader discount for groups of 20 or more adults booked & paid for in one payment by one person (the Group Leader’s portion of first night camp/lodge or portion of float would be free)
A: Frequent Camper / Floating Program: Camp 5 nights, 6th night is FREE; Float 5 times, 6th time is FREE (based on what boats you used)
A: Scout Groups / Youth Groups / School Groups / Church Groups: group pricing depending on dates & size of group

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