Know Before You Go Fishing in Missouri

Meramec Fishing Trips

Missouri offers some of the best honey holes in the country when it comes to fishing. Bass, crappie, catfish, suckers, trout, sunfish, and perch, are just a few of the known species in Missouri lakes, rivers, and streams. Where to buy your Missouri fishing license: Cuba Walmart or Bourbon Family Center.

But did you know Missouri sports several other fish types? Some are strange, surprising, creepy, and fascinating. With over 200 species swimming below us, Missouri waterways are teeming with fish for food, fish for educational purposes, and fish for fun facts. Not all of them blend with the local prairie grass and brown gravel habitat, some are emblazened with shimmering scales and bright hues of oranges, gold, silver, reds, or blues.

There are predators, but none which care for humans. For centuries, people and fish have shared lazy summer days, swimming in the same water, untouched except for the occasional tickle. When their senses alert them to human intrusion, most fish typically dart the other way. Some Missouri fish are now endangered.

Meramec River Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass Caught in the Meramec River

Missouri Department of Conservation Introduction to Missouri Fishes

But anglers, (those who fish with an angle hook), know Missouri offers some of the best fishing hot spots in the nation for those species in abundance. The clear spring-fed streams of the Huzzah and Courtois are ideal for trout, suckers, and the like. If you want award winning Largemouth bass & Smallmouth bass catches, or great catfishcrappie hauls, and/or bluegill then the Meramec River has the honey holes you crave.

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Missouri has an active, insightful, and information rich resource for fishing. Our Department of Conservation provides current data to help you catch more fish.

  • Don’t head out until you’ve purchased your fishing license. (We don’t sell them at Ozark Outdoors.)
  • Although we have limited tackle at Ozark Outdoors Meramec Mercantile, make sure you are stocked up on rods, reels, fishing line, and lures.
  • Before you leave for any fishing trip, stop by the DOC’s page, and grab some helpful hints and tested tips.
  • Know Missouri fishing regulations and Missouri season/limit restrictions before you dip the tip of your rod in the water.
  • If you prefer one-on-one assistance, or have never fished before, then call Ozark Outdoors and ask for a fishing guide reference.


Missouri Department of Conservation Places to Fish Page