Know Before You Go Rafting in Missouri

Most Missouri rivers offer a different rafting experience than that in different states. The Class I or less flat water on the Meramec, Courtois, and Huzzah, are perfect for a lazy day of paddling. You typically won’t find white water raft trips in Missouri, unless you brave the rapids of an occasional spring or fall flood.

Missouri Rafting

Ozark Outdoors High Quality Rafts

But at Ozark Outdoors, previous experience paddling under those conditions is required. We are UNGUIDED, except for our TREK educational program ~ and it’s for beginners and moderates, not for training in advanced fast moving water techniques typical for white water rafting.

Our rafts are made of the highest commercial quality grade. Nothing but the best for our guests at Ozark Outdoors! Through decades of business, our rafts have bumped off of many river banks, tree limbs, other boats, and other items. One of their nice features, is the comfort of a cushioned touch when this happens — but remember, lean toward the interior of the boat, NOT outward toward the river, or you may find yourself suddenly swimming with the fish.

Pay close attention to log jams, root wads, strainers, and other debris, and avoid them when possible. If you see you’re going to butt against something outside of the boat, keep arms, legs, and other body parts as close to the center of the raft as you can.

Don’t forget — We take tampering seriously, so please respect the equipment so your trip doesn’t cost a lot more than you planned.

Know our Float Trip policies, it may save you headaches, and you’ll be glad you did!