Group Leader Discounts & Tools

Family Vacation in MissouriWe all know that creating a weekend getaway for a large group of people can be stressful.  If you find your stay here with us enjoyable and would like to share our facility with a large group in the future, then let a River Fun Guide help you!  Furthermore, the staff at Ozark Outdoors would like to reward our hard-working group leaders by introducing you to our Group Leader Discounts!

Reserve and pay in one bulk payment for a group of 20 people(ages 13-up) or more and receive your service free for a day!  How does it work? It’s easy!

Reserve and Pay for 20+ for floating and YOUR (the group leader’s) portion of the float is FREE!
Reserve and Pay for 20+ for camping and YOU (the group leader’s) get one night of camping FREE!
Reserve and Pay for 20+ for lodging and YOU (the group leader’s) get one night of lodging FREE!

Free, Discounts, SavingsCall Ozark Outdoors today at 573-245-6837 to speak to a River Fun Guide for more details about getting your Group Leader Discount.  This discount will work for any type of group:  Church, college, work, family, or just a group of friends.  Make reservations for your group for one day or an entire week and receive your one day of services for free. Don’t forget that these group leaders receive a FREE t-shirt from the Meramec Mercantile!  Your getaway is waiting for you.

**Reservation changes may result in discount adjustment

We’ve put together guides to help you plan activities for your group,  you can check them out here:

Local Church Guide

Local Restaurant Guide

Planning Group Events:Family Vacation Trips

Group Leader Packet
Scouts, churches, organizations or groups of friends and family. 

We have a Group Organizer Kit with important information and helpful hints on how to organize a group outing. The kit includes detailed information on floating, and camping, plus pre-registration sheets for speedy processing upon arrival. Also included are suggestions on how to have a safe and fun outing.

Group Organizer Kit – Yours FREE!

  • Saves time
  • Organizes Information
  • Helps Organize Group
  • Gives Helpful Suggestions
  • Saves Registration Time
  • Contains Safety Information
  • Order your FREE Group Organizer Kit today.
    Call 1-800-888-0023 or submit your request here

Kit contains: General policies, good tip trips, safety tips, rates, group packages, group organizer information, assumption of risks, brochure and maps.