How to Join the Crowd If You Prefer a Social Experience

Crowd Pleaser on the Meramec River

Rivertime is Always a Crowd Pleaser

Are you the social butterfly in your circle, or do you like the energy of being around those who are? Then floating in the throng is probably your preferred way to spend a warm summer day!

Every Saturday, starting the weekend after Memorial Day, through the Saturday prior to Labor Day, is prime time for a social scene. Our 9.5 mile Bluffs, five mile Courtois, and four mile Scotia trips get raves from those who want to join the fun. It’s where the cool crowd spends summer Saturdays. College groups, couples, or single adults are often attracted to the excitement on our Missouri rivers. But make sure you know our Floating policies before you leave home. We want you to have a good time so you can return another day, but not at the expense of others, or at the cost of blowing your budget on unplanned legal fees.

Fridays are another hot group choice, so extend your weekend into a Playcation getaway. Gather your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, school mates, or family for a fun-filled social experience at the great Ozark Outdoors. Pull up on a gravel bar, and meet new people ~ build friendships to last a lifetime. Instant fun, we’ll add the water!

**Regardless of trip choice or time, advance reservations allow us to get your boats and crew ready prior to your arrival. Help us serve you better by calling a River Fun Guide at 573-245-6837 to get you on your way to floating fun!

**If you prefer a quieter experience, we have a page for that too!