Meramec River Trips

Begin your trip on the upper Meramec, with Bluffs along the river’s edge and conveniently end your trip back at Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort. Or start at Ozark Outdoors Beach Access float downstream, enjoying the peacefulness of having the river to yourself, and get picked up at one of our downstream locations. Either way, you’re in for a great ride!

Missouri Float trips on the Meramec River

Downstream Meramec River

Like most Missouri waterways, the depth of the Meramec fluctuates. Just as dry land has peaks and valleys, so do Missouri stream-beds. One instant you’re in water to your ankles, and a few steps later, you could be in over your head. Water temps change with the intensity of the sun and air temperature.

Rental includes transportation to the put-in location, paddling gear, cushions, and Coast Guard approved PFD’s for most children ages 2 to 11 years old. If you have a child under the age of 2, or if you are concerned about appropriate fit, please bring a personal floatation device for your child with you. PFD’s available for youth 12 and over, and adults, upon request. **Please ask your driver before the van or bus leaves our property.

The Meramec River trips are our most popular. Paddlers of all skill levels love the stunning bluffs, chance to spot a variety of wildlife, and smooth flowing water on the Meramec. On occasion, you may spot one of the bald eagles nesting along the river. Missouri Department of Conservation has provided a map of the river from mile 0.0 through mile 193.5. You can view the full map and descriptions here.

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Meramec River Float Trips

***In our efforts to help the eco-system, trips leave on top of the hour unless posted otherwise. Help us STAY Green!

Put InUpper Meramec, Take Out—Ozark Outdoors

Tube Loop Take Out Sign, Meramec River Tube Trip

Don’t miss the Tube Loop Take-Out Beach~

Tubes Only Trip
Tube Loop (1.5 Miles) Put in Time- 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
*If you pass the Tube Loop Take-out you will be charged an additional service fee—to be determined by management, and you will be floating an additional 5 miles to Campbell Bridge (the next take out).
1 Day Canoe/ Kayak/ Raft Trip
The Bluffs (10 Miles) Put in Time- Hourly *Canoe/Kayak Trip= 6.0 Hrs. *Raft Trip= 9.0 Hrs.
1 Day Canoe/ Kayak Trips *No Rafts*
Walker’s Ford (14 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am *8.0 Hrs.
Birds Nest (20 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am *10.5 Hrs.
Fishing Springs (23 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am *12.0 Hrs.
Multiple Day Canoe/ Kayak Trips *No Rafts*
Indian Springs (29 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am or 1:00 pm *14.0 Hrs.
Scotts Ford (36 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am or 1:00 pm *18.0 Hrs.
Meramec Springs (44 Miles) Put in Time- 7:30 am or 1:00 pm *24.0 Hrs.

Meramec River Float Trips in Missouri

What’s your boat of choice? Relax in a Canoe, Kayak, Raft, or Tube!


Put In—Ozark Outdoors, Take Out—Downstream Meramec River

1 Day Canoe/ Kayak/ Raft Trip *Family Friendly Trips* No alcohol
Campbell Bridge (5 Miles) Put in Time- Hourly *Canoe/Kayak Trip= 3.5 Hrs. *Raft Trip= 5.0 Hrs.
‘Y’ Take Out (10 Miles) Put in Time- Hourly *Canoe/Kayak Trip= 5.5 Hrs. *Raft Trip= 8.5 Hrs.
*Pickup times begin at 2:00 pm and the last pickup time is 6:00 pm; any pickups after 6:00 pm will be charged an additional service fee—to be determined by management.

What’s your boat of choice? Missouri Float Trips River Options

Seven miles northeast of the town of Salem in southeastern Missouri, a spring-fed brook called the Watery Fork merges with a larger wet-weather branch and becomes the source of the Meramec River. For many millions of years the Meramec has been carving its twisting, sometimes tortuous 240 mile course into the solid rock of the Ozark Plateau, scouring its way through a deep, slowly widening valley, bordered by limestone bluffs and steep hills. It is joined along the way by innumerable springs, creeks, and four large tributaries, which transform the Meramec into a one hundred yard – to two hundred yard wide flood plane stream at its confluence with the Mighty Mississippi eighteen miles below St. Louis.
Maramec spring (note the spelling) is the first of the four major contributors, it pours an average volume of one hundred million gallons of cold clear water into the Meramec per day, swelling the river to twice its size. Over the next thirty miles, the inflows from many smaller branches turn the river into a prime stream. Then, from the right, the translucent waters of the second and largest of the headwater Contributors, the Courtois (pronounced code-away)-Huzzah River, mingles with the Meramec, giving it the impression of a truly big river

Spring time on the Meramec River: