Meramec River History: Then & Now

For Edith & Alex

The Meramec River: Then and Now. 2003 Revised Edition by William R. Kammer

“The following text is a brief historical survey of the Meramec River. Comprised of general descriptions of the major evolutionary events which have occurred and features existing past and present – in the area of the Meramec Valley. It includes a description of geological formation; the river itself; past wildlife and human inhabitants; settlement and utilization; current conditions; guidelines to present usages (includes rules, regulations and safety tips); and a listing of some of the area’s best river service providers.”

Some River & Cave Photo’s by: Delores Page, On Cover: Karin Barger & Andy Harbert (Greens Cave), John Barger (in canoe). Special thanks to: Professor Lawrence Christensen & Professor Larry Vonalt, University of Missouri, Rolla.

Meramec Then & Now

Table of Contents

Preface   |   Quotes (Nature)   |   Introduction   |   Name Origins   |   The Genesis   |   The Evolution   |   The Transition   |   Enter Man   |   The Paleo Indians   |   The Archaic Indians   |   The Woodland Indians   |   The Mississippians   |   The Historic Indians   |   Civilization and Commerce   |   Quiz Yourself   |   Early Settlement   |   The Iron Era   |   A Playground for All   |   Do’s and Don’ts   |   How to Canoe   |   Upper Meramec Map   |   Significant Tributaries    |   Statistical Information   |   Sponsors   |   Trip Recorder   |   Endnotes   |   Photo Album