OORR Pet-Friendly Policies

Ozark Outdoors Team Mascots

In Memory of Milo 2000-2014

Many guests ask, “Can I bring my pet?” And our answer is YES. More than ever, we are adopting a pet-friendly policy at Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort. But don’t leave home without some very important items:

  • Dogs should be on a leash while on property
  • Clean up after your pet, pet poo cleanup supplies available in the Meramec Mercantile
  • A kennel, or other comfortable place to house your pet if you don’t plan to take them on the river. (Tying them to a tree is not an option)
  • A food and water bowl. We take pet care very seriously at Ozark Outdoors. Do not leave yours unattended or without the basic necessities for life
  • A doggie life-jacket. We offer a limited supply for sale at our Meramec Mercantile
  • Clipped nails for their ride down the river. We do allow dogs in our boats, but ask that you make sure their nails are smooth. Any damages will be your financial responsibility. (NEVER tie your pet to watercraft)
  • Good training. Please respect others and make sure your pet is properly trained to prevent them from being a nuisance


Management reserves the right to remove pets and their owners for inappropriate behaviors, especially if they disturb or endanger other guests.

Housebroken pets are allowed in ALL lodging units. Costs of damages will be charged to reservation owner in addition to basic pet reservation fees if necessary. $15.00 plus applicable sales tax per pet in cabins & motels, $25.00 plus applicable sales tax per pet in condos & off-site properties.

Damages to any Ozark Outdoors property is subject to financial penalty, to be determined by management, and/or followed with prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

**For a fully comprehensive list of ways to protect your pooch, read Summer Pet Tips 101 from a California veterinarian. You won’t want to leave home without checking some of these out.