Outdoor Tip Sheets

Click on a link to open the tip sheets you would like to see, once opened you can also download a copy for free!

Pet Friendly Tips

Ozark Outdoors is a pet friendly resort, we love animals! So, we’ve put together this list of tips to keep your furry friends happy & healthy this summer.

12+ Top Secrets for Organizing an Outdoor Group Experience

Did you get chosen as the group organizer? Do you need help with the planning? We know how stressful it can be trying to get a group together, organized, paid, etc– We’ve put together a list of secrets to help you simplify the process; we want your vacation to be as enjoyable as possible. So don’t stress– we’ve got your back!

10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

There’s no time like summertime! But– if you get overheated it can be miserable. Of course you always have the river as an option to cool off, but sometimes it’s not always the solution. We have compiled a list of alternative wasy to beat the summer heat, don’t forget to check them out before you leave home!

Outdoor Packing List

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you never forgot anything for your camping trip?! It’s might not happen, but with this fool-proof list you may have a pretty close chance– and in the event you forget something, we also have our fully stocked Meramec Mercantile.

Natural Insect Repellents List

When you are out enjoying the wonderfulness of the great outdoors the last thing you want to deal with is pests & insects. Check out these natural insect repellants for your next outdoor adventure, because let’s face it– insects are everywhere, but you don’t have to be bothered on your trip!


Make the Most of Your 18 Summers

For those with children, we quickly learn how fast time flies. We only get 18 summers on average, before they fly out of the nest. We must make the most of every moment, before our time runs out — we must make the most of our 18 summers. So what can you do to improve the quality of your family time? Make the most of your 18 summers.