Ozark Trail Hiking Shuttles

price-estimatorFind your inner peace on our beautiful trails and crystal clear streams! Kick-Off your Adventure or Revamp with us upon your return; Ozark Outdoors is conveniently located at the beginning of the Ozark Trail, Mile Marker 0.

We have many shuttle options: including multiple drop-off locations, the option to be shuttled up the trail and hike back to your vehicle, you can start your hike at Ozark Outdoors or be shuttled up the trail and have a canoe / kayak waiting for you upstream and float back to your vehicle.

Hiking the Courtois Section of the Ozark Trail

Photo Credit: Jessica Bostick

Hiking Shuttles

 2 or Less            People  Per Additional Person  Trail Head  Length of Hike
 $30.00  $10.00 Courtois Primitive  5 mi
 $35.00  $10.00 Bass / Butts Slab  12.5 mi
 $55.00  $10.00 Harmon Spring  22.5 mi
 $55.00  $10.00 Brazil Creek  26 mi
 $55.00  $10.00 Berryman  34.5 mi
 $55.00  $10.00 Hwy 8  36 mi
 $75.00  $15.00 Hazel Creek  48 mi
 $185.00  $20.00 Council Bluff  63 mi


Hike & Float Trips
Normal Canoe / Kayak Rates Apply

 2 or Less   Per Additional Person  Trail Head Length of Hike Length of Float
 $30.00  $10.00 Ozark Outdoors to Courtois Primitive 4.5 Mile 5 Mile
 $35.00  $10.00 Ozark Outdoors to Bass / Butts Slab 12.5 Mile 10 Mile
 $55.00  $10.00 Harmon Springs to Bass / Butts Slab 10 Mile 10 Mile
 $55.00  $10.00 Harmon Springs to Courtois Primitive 17.5 Mile 5 Mile
 $55.00  $10.00 Brazil Creek to Bass / Butts Slab 13.5 Mile 10 Mile
 $55.00  $10.00 Berryman to Bass / Butts Slab 22.5 Mile 10 Mile
 $75.00  $15.00 Hwy 8 to Bass / Butts Slab 24 Mile 10 Mile


Courtois River Crossing for the Ozark Trail

Photo Credit: Jessica Bostick

Your float trip portion will be on the crystal clear Courtois Creek. The Courtois River offers creek water, with a few more adventurous turns, than the Meramec River trips. Like most Missouri waterways, the depth of the Courtois fluctuates. Just as dry land has peaks and valleys, so do Missouri stream-beds. One instant you’re in water to your ankles, and a step later, you could be wet to your shoulders. Water temps change with the intensity of the sun and air temperature.

Be sure to print out your Trail Maps and have a dry, safe place to store them!

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